Yom Limmud – A Day of Learning

Sunday, May 17 from 9am until 2:45pm

On Shavuot, Jewish communities around the world will celebrate the receiving of the Torah. Join the Tucson Jewish Community in a celebration of Jewish learning as we prepare to celebrate Shavuot. You can sign up for as much of the day as you would like. Links to register are included below each session description. Once you register, you will be emailed a Zoom link to participate. Unless otherwise noted, sessions are 45-minutes long. All sessions are held on the Zoom platform, and are free of charge to participants. If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please email Jennifer Selco at jselco@tucsonjcc.org.


Revelation at Sinai: An Account in Midrash Pirkei D’Rabbi Eliezer with Rabbi Batsheva Appel

Pirkei D’Rabbi Eliezer is a book of midrash with a structure and approach very different from other midrashim. We will look at the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai according to this interesting midrash from the 8th century.



If It Is “Down “Here”, How Do I get “Up There”? with Rabbi Robert Eisen

Torah was given to us for this world. Yet, we are promised a place in The World To Come. With which should I be more concerned: Doing Torah in the here and now? Or, focusing on what is yet to come.



Virtual Campfire – Music & Memories with Paul Tumarkin

A self-described “camper for life,” Paul — guitar in hand — will bring us together to share stories, songs and memories around the virtual campfire. This is interactive! Bring your best stories and memories to share as we remember and deepen our Jewish camp connections.



Why Shavuot Is Not Only Similar To Yom Kippur But Involves David And Goliath with Rabbi Sanford Seltzer

Unraveling the mystery of two events which would seem to have no connection with the giving of the Torah. Join us to find out the connection.



Flip the Script: Intermarriage and Joy with Rabbi Denise Handlarski

What if everything you ever heard about intermarriage was wrong? Find out why and how we can move from “oy” to “joy” when we talk about intermarriage and Jewish families and community.



PJ Library Family Concert with Jason Mesches (30 minutes)

Join musician, Jason Mesches for a fun, family-friendly concert.



Why Ruth? with Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin

Why the Moabite princess and great-grandmother of King David is so essential to the holiday of Shavuot and what she taught us about the essence of Judaism


Noon to 12:45pm

The Torah of Grief with Gila Silverman, PhD

Jewish tradition prescribes a detailed set of mourning rituals to guide us after a death. Where do these rituals come from, and what are they designed to do? We will study texts from Torah and Talmud that provide the basis for Jewish mourning rituals, and explore how they help us grieve.



Tikkunim (Corrections) of the Social Sector in Israel with Inbal Shtivi

In this session our community Shlicha, Inbal Shtivi, will explore the concept of Tikkun (correction) and how it is reflected in the social sector in Israel, through social action practices of Jewish renewal, community empowerment and cross-community relations.



PJ Our Way Game of Games with Jennifer Selco (30 minutes)

Calling all 8 and 1/2 through 12 year olds for some fun games based on our favorite PJ Our Way books and characters. Come ready to have some fun and earn some great prizes!



The Value of Patience During Pandemic with Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon 

An exploration of the Jewish sources on the Mussar soul-trait of patience: why it’s a virtue, how do we cultivate it, what stops us from having patience, and when do we demonstrate too much…



“In the Valley of the Shadow” with Rabbi Helen Cohn

Psalm 23 is traditionally recited during times of grief, fear, or emotional turmoil. We will consider how the themes and images of the Psalm can offer comfort during these unsettling times.



The Virtual Minyan with Rabbi Avi Alpert

Is there an innovative way to pray virtually? Can computers be used to make a minyan? We will explore these questions and others from a traditional perspective as we consider how we make a minyan in the virtual space.



This program is supported by the Elinor and Yale Palchick Family Foundation Fund held at the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, and Marilyn Einstein and Steve Sim.

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