J Ambassador Community Volunteer Program

One of the highest ideals in Jewish tradition is Chesed. Popularly translated as “acts of loving kindness," Chesed is simpler than that: It is an act voluntarily done by one person for the benefit of others - with no expectation of any reward in return.

The J Ambassador Program will bring Tucson J members and the broader community into the fold of everyday happenings and special events here at the J, as well as out in the community. This program provides individuals with opportunities to volunteer their time, talents, and skills. Every J Ambassador will be provided with Hitnadvoot (volunteer) training + orientation as well as some specific training and information for the area, program, or event they are assisting with. All participants will receive a special shirt/pin/badge or other identifying item, depending on when, where, and how often they are volunteering.

Volunteers will be asked to complete an application that will help us to match them with the best opportunities that fit their availability, skills, talents, interest and are in line with any age or certification restrictions we may have. All volunteers 18 + are required to submit and pay for a background check ($8). 

Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to administrative projects, one-time events, on-going programs, task forces, committees, and more.

Volunteer Areas

Check out the following volunteer opportunities (*subject to change): 

Thank you for your interest in the JAmbassadors Volunteer Program.
We will be in touch about your application in June.
  • Greeter in Fitness Center & Tennis Center
  • Youth Sports Coaches (fingerprinting required)
  • All Sports Scorekeepers
  • Youth Sports Referees
  • Swim Meets, registration days and events
  • Program assistant for youth sports, tennis, and swim (bathroom runners and assistant instructors) (fingerprinting required)
  • Tennis Court Maintenance
  • Departmental Committees
  • Program Participant Leader: Reach out and invite new members to participate in a program they love, build relationships or Help with organization of Pickleball open play
  • Youth Sports and Swim Team Team Parent (restricted to parent of enrolled participants)
  • JCare Homework Support (fingerprinting required)
  • JCare Specialty Programs/Activities (fingerprinting required)
  • Youth Enrichment Program Specialists (fingerprinting required)
  • Departmental Committees
  • BBYO Advisors
  • Department Clerical Support
  • Enrichment Class Program Assistant
  • Parent’s Night Out Support (fingerprinting required)
  • School Days Out Support (fingerprinting required)

(all families registered in our ECE program are required to do 10 hours of volunteer service per year, now you can do it inside or outside the walls of ECE.)

  • Readers for Love of Reading Month
  • Bookfair
  • Set-up
  • Clean-up
  • Register
  • Holiday Cooking
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Planning
  • Shopping
  • Set-up
  • Clean-up
  • Class parent (restricted to current ECE parents only)
  • Community holiday celebration assistance (restricted to current ECE parents or grandparents)
  • Enrichment program instructor or assistant (fingerprinting required)
  • Chaperone for trips (restricted to current ECE parents)
  • Events:
  • Family Shabbat
  • Science Sunday
  • Field Day
  • Planning
  • Set-up
  • Facilitation
  • Clean-up
  • Picture Day
  • Sock Drive
  • Stock the Pantry monthly staff appreciation
  • Greeters – first week of school (current and former ECE parents ideal)
  • Sanitize toys
  • One-on-one for Elder Adult Program (CPR, First Aid and Article 9 preferred)
  • Admin Support
  • Instructors for classes/programs
  • Technology
  • Cooking
  • Movement
  • Art
  • Labor Day event
  • Tours
  • Greeter at doors
  • New Member Welcome Calls
  • Tabling outreach events
  • Thank you notes
  • Staff Holiday Celebration
  • Filing and general admin
  • Task Force
  • Translators/Interpreter
  • Central Sparks facilitator (fingerprinting required, CPR, First Aid and Article 9 preferred)
  • Sparks Cheer coaches and assistants (fingerprinting required, CPR, First Aid and Article 9 preferred)
  • Instructors for 1-on-1 or small group lessons (music, art, writing, sports, …) (fingerprinting and Article 9 required, CPR & First Aid preferred)
  • Readers to read to participants
  • Administrative assistance
  • Specialists: art, music, martial arts, fitness ((fingerprinting and Article 9 required, CPR & First Aid preferred)
  • Support or instructor for independence builders (fingerprinting and Article 9 required, CPR & First Aid preferred)
  • Money skills
  • Cooking/microwave
  • Hygiene
  • Laundry/folding
  • Program support (fingerprinting and Article 9 required, CPR & First Aid preferred)
  • Changing for swim
  • In-water assistance
  • Instructors/presenters (fingerprinting required, CPR, First Aid and Article 9 preferred)
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Dog Therapy
  • Gardening
  • Job Coaches
  • Chaperones for trips where extra coverage is needed (fingerprinting required, CPR, First Aid and Article 9 preferred)
  • Special event
  • Help plan
  • Set-up
  • Facilitate
  • Clean-up
  • Event greeter
  • Docent (Fine Art Gallery,  Jill Rosenzweig Memorial Sculpture Garden, and Wellness Gallery)
  • Tabling + Activity Facilitation in public spaces (current PJ Library or PJ Our Way parent or grandparent required)
  • Committees
  • Instagram + Facebook ambassadors  – utilize personal social media platforms to share and promote JCC programs and events
  • Flyer/Brochure dissemination 


Yes, many of our opportunities need more than one individual. We welcome volunteer groups.

We want to value the time each volunteer provides to us. We do have some opportunities that can be done on a rolling basis based on your time. There are some that do not have a timeline or a commitment to be on-site to complete.

Simple answer is no. The Tucson J is open to ALL people of ALL ages. Our work is guided by values rooted in Jewish tradition, and we appreciate having a multiplicity of cultures and backgrounds that allow all of us to learn and grow from one another.

We do ask for an application for all volunteers so we can input your information into our database system. However, we do not want to preclude anyone from being able to assist at one-time events so in some cases we will waive the orientation training.

We understand that many individuals have mandates for hours of service for a multitude of reasons. We are happy to assist you in achieving these required hours if your need, interest, skills and availability match opportunities we have available.

The J Ambassadors program requires all volunteers to be at least 16 years of age. Some opportunities have additional restrictions. We will accept volunteers that are 11 years of age and in 6th grade or above to help during supervised volunteer service.

As an inclusive environment, we believe in helping with accommodations or finding a volunteer placement that supports your skills and talents while not impeding on your abilities.

Depending on the program area, activity, and type of service you will be performing. Additionally, it may depend on the age of the child as well. We will handle these types of requests on a case-by-case basis.

We keep track of all volunteers’ activities for a few reasons. 1: We hold an annual volunteer recognition event; volunteers can earn points for service and be eligible to special prizes and benefits. 2: If you are needing the hours for mandated program, we can provide a clear account for hours provided. 3: It allows us to ensure we are activating as many volunteers as possible and not over-asking any individuals.

We do require a background check for every volunteer 18 years or older. The cost for this is a one-time fee of $8. Some of our opportunities may require CPR, First Aid, AZ fingerprint clearance, Article 9 training or other pre-qualifications. Each is listed with the opportunities available.