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As we were preparing to temporarily close the Tucson J mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the first things that I put in a pile to take home from my office was a printed out set of the Sheva Lens posters, highlighting each of the lenses. I knew that I would need some inspiration throughout the day as things might get overwhelming at home.

Sheva is Hebrew for “seven,” and the Sheva Lenses Framework offers a perspective for how we experience the world. We live and breathe this framework throughout the Tucson J’s ECE program, but the lenses can also inform our thinking beyond the walls of the J. The sheva lenses continue to ground me, and I invite you to watch these brief videos that our team created to highlight the Sheva Lens Framework and each of the seven lenses. May these lenses bring deeper meaning to our time at home with our families, and may we be inspired by them to help us navigate our temporary reality.

Jennifer Selco


What is the Sheva Framework?

Masa with Naomi

D'Rash with Demaris

Kedusha with Josh

Tikkun Olam with Jenn G

Hitorerut with Andrea

B'rit with Joline

tzelem Elohim with Jennifer

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