In times of stress and confusing, our tradition teaches us to be mindful and grounded. As Rabbi Nachman of Breslov teaches: “Grant me the ability to be alone. May it be my custom to go outdoors each day among the trees and grasses among all growing things and there may I be alone, and enter into prayer to talk with the one that I belong to.” We hope that these resources will keep your spirit full during the coming weeks.

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Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum - I am Isaac Newton/I am Golda Meir


Questions for Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum:

  1. When kids at her school do not have the books they need, Golda decides to hold a fundraiser to help pay for the books. By getting others involved, Golda was able to get help in solving this problem. How does getting other people involved help you solve a problem?
  2. When did you stick up for someone or something else because it was the right thing to do?

Questions for Hydro-Dripping:

  1. How can you be a partner in creation every day?
  2. What do you think of when you see a rainbow?
  3. Tradition says that when you see a rainbow, you say the blessing: We bless you, Eternal our God, who remembers the covenant and keeps faith with the covenant, forever according to your word.

Blessings + Practice


Here with you beside me, I feel so greatly blessed. This moment means much more than I can say. A time to be together, a time for us to rest. Shabbat is here. The time has come to celebrate the day. So I hold you close, my hands upon your head. As I watch you growing, I smile through my tears; Sometimes I wish you’d stay forever small. But then I see you blossom, and I befriend the passing years. I love you now, I’ll love you then, I love to see it all. So I lift my voice to offer you this prayer, for every step along the road, I will be there. Amen.

Nisim B’chol Yom (Prayer for Daily Miracles)

By Amy Asin.

Praised be the Eternal God, Source of the Universe…

…who has implanted mind and instinct within every living being. Who has given us a new day where we are alive and we too can see the difference between day and night, between light and darkness, between true and false, and between appropriate concern and panic

…who has made me a Jew or connected to the Jewish community.  Who has given me the obligation, the tools and the resources to strive to act like a human being when others may be driven by fear, homophobia, racism

…who has made be to be free. While my ability to be in physical community may be limited, help me see that I am still free to make choices every minute, every day.

…who opens the eyes of the blind. Please God, open the eyes of those in positions to make decisions for the community, for those researching new tests and vaccines, and cures.  Give them the peace of mind to be clear-eyed as they do their work.

..who removes sleep from my eyes, slumber from my eyelids. Let me one day soon wake up to praise Your name first and not to think about tragedy and fear. Let all humanity arise from slumber and fight injustice wherever it may occur.

Let each of us understand what our role is in this effort to repair the world in partnership with You, so that one day You will be One and Your name will be One.

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