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Programs for Tweens

PJ Our Way for ages 9-11 years

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PJ Our Way puts kids in control of their book choices and encourages them to work on their reading skills. Every month, your child chooses a free book that’s been reviewed by PJ educators, parents, and kids. That’s 12 free books a year! Every free book comes with a synopsis and author bios, ratings and reviews, and video trailers. Also, kids can play games, participate in monthly challenges, and participate in more fun activities! The PJ Our Way community gets together throughout the year for virtual and in-person social activities with Jewish content.

PJ Library is made possible by the Einstein-Sim, Allen & Marianne Langer, Loebl, Margolis, Rosenzweig, and Sharpe families, and the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona in partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

Presented in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona. For additional information, contact Jennifer at

J-Club: After School Program for Grades 6-8

Is your 6-8th grader looking for a place to hang after school? Middle school is a pivotal time in a young person’s life, where they start to navigate new experiences and enjoy increased independence. That’s why we’ve designed J-Club! Similar to our J-Care program for elementary school students, J-Club gives tweens in grades 6-8 a safe and fun place to be after school, while also having the chance to have ownership over their own experience. Each middle schooler is a J member, which gives them access to all of our facilities including the gym, pool, fitness center, and youth locker rooms. J-Club members can also socialize, play games, work on homework, or relax in our new youth lounge space on the second floor. J-Club members sign a code of conduct that they are expected to abide by. For information about J-Club, contact Youth Engagement Coordinator Libby Bacal.