Whether you’re planning to use this time to get in some much-anticipated reading or picking up a book for the first time in years, our staff have recommendations for you! Check this space to see what we’re reading.


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Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
by Malcolm Gladwell


I read this book a few years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since! Blink presents research from psychology about the human brain’s capacity to work work rapidly and automatically from relatively little information. It changed the way I thought about decision making in my career and in my life.


The Lost Letter
by Jillian Cantor

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Not only is Jillian a local Tucson author, which I love, but this book kept me captivated and engaged throughout the entire novel. It takes you through an emotional journey!


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Streaming on Netflix

After a chance meeting with a former fling, lawyer Rebecca Bunch (played by Rachel Bloom) leaves behind her luxurious Manhattan lifestyle and relocates to a California suburb… where aforementioned former fling lives. Bloom, the show’s co-creator, won a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her portrayal of the singing, dancing lead.

-Chris Harrison


Grace and Frankie
Streaming on Netflix

Modern-day acting icons Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star as the titular Grace and Frankie, polar opposites who have never much liked one another. When their husbands announce their love for one another, the two women begin to forge an unlikely friendship.

-Chris Harrison

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