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Tennis Group Training

Tennis is a sport for life, and the Tucson J is a destination for tennis players of all levels. Our new tennis group training programs take place on some of the newest and best-maintained tennis courts in Tucson and allow players to train with our incredible coaches, all while progressing at their own pace. Learn more about our tennis group training program below, and we’ll see you on the courts!

Looking for more casual group play? You might be interested in one of our drop-in tennis clinics.

Want more solo time? Private tennis lessons may be for you!

Our program is designed to offer group lessons for participants of all ages and levels of experience. The diagram below can help you identify the correct level. You can also read descriptions below.  

We would be happy to help you find the best option! Our pros can offer guidance or schedule a quick assessment. Please call or email our Director of Racquet Sports to schedule an appointment.

We offer group lessons Sunday-Friday, giving participants the ability to build your own schedule. When you sign up, you choose how many days per week you want to train, and pick your training day(s). You can train up to 3 days per week, per session. Training programs are ongoing and billed monthly.

Tennis group programming is open to everyone in the community, but we offer a discount for J members. For information about membership fees and benefits, click here.

Yes, members get a 5% discount for any additional member of your unit when you both sign up for a tennis program. Both participants must be listed on the unit.

When you register, you sign up to play on specific days. In the case of an unexpected absence, we will try to schedule a make-up session (if available). If you want more play time (without a coach), we recommend becoming a member or getting our Sarver Saver Pass for free play time. If you would like to spend more time working with one of our coaches, we offer private lessons for an additional fee.

Yes, as long as there is space available. In order to offer the highest quality instruction, we try to keep the groups evenly matched, so you might be asked to switch to a different level. Your progress is always our priority!

These are continuous programs with monthly recurring payments. We hope you’ll continue to progress with us each month and graduate to higher levels as you continue to train, but you can also stop participating in lessons any time. We must receive a written cancellation at least 2 business days before the billing date (the 1st of each month) in order to avoid being charged for the next month.

These are not drop-in clinics. You register for a month or more, and you will be billed monthly. In cases of unexpected absence, we will try to schedule a make-up session with another group of the same level.

While players at the end of the B3 level should be able to play tournaments in their age group, we offer dedicated programs (Junior Elite Tennis I/II/III) for tournament-level players. In addition to more frequent training, Junior Elite programs also include dedicated physical training in the gym. Please ask the pros for more details or visit our website here.

We’ve designed our program with your progression in mind, so the schedule is designed to allow players to advance without any major changes to their schedules. Our pricing is the same for all levels within the same age group because advancement shouldn’t come at a cost.

In order to provide the best quality instruction, more individual attention, and real-time, helpful feedback, we’ve reduced the maximum number of players per court/instructor.
For ages 7 years and under: maximum 8 players per instructor
For ages 8 to18 years: 6 players per instructor
For adults: 4 players per instructor

We do! We currently offer three drop-in clinics for adults (youth players may be allowed to participate with coach approval in advance). All drop-in clinics take place in the mornings. You can see more details and register here.

We offer private lessons seven days a week for players of all levels and ages. Please contact our Director of Racquet Sports for more details or to schedule your lesson.

We are currently planning our tournament season. More details coming soon!

10 and Under Tennis

Our 10 and Under Tennis programs are played with foam and low-compression balls (red, orange, and green). Using slower balls and smaller courts helps players to develop the most efficient technique and teaches them to implement advanced tactics in an age-appropriate way.



3-4 Years

Discover tennis through fun games and group activities. The primary goals are to develop hand-eye coordination, and to learn to move and meet the ball.


5-8 Years

Learn basic rally, serve and net play skills along with activities that build tennis specific coordination in a fun environment.


8-10 Years

Learn how to serve and rally with improved placement, score, approach the net, and place volleys.


8-10 Years

Learn to serve, rally, score and play at net in singles and doubles on a regulation sized court and foster the development of a solid technical foundation.

Junior Tennis (11-18 Years)

Junior Tennis is designed to be a fun and welcome initiation to the game, where participants will be introduced to the basic tennis strokes, rules, and scoring. The goals of these programs are to establish a solid technical foundation and to get players rallying and playing points quickly



11-14 Years

For young players with little or no tennis experience. This level is focused on developing the skills necessary to play tennis, through fun activities that promote the use of correct technique, ball tracking and striking, racket control and footwork.


15-18 Years

For teens that want to start their tennis journey. This level aims to develop solid technical foundations and engagement with the game in a fast-paced environment, where players will be able to rally and play points after the first few sessions.


11-18 Years

This level brings the forehand, backhand, volley, and serve together, and places an emphasis on playing points and developing consistency. Fast-paced sessions will help develop stroke technique as players focus on correct movement patterns and ball control.

Junior Elite Tennis (8-18 Years)

Junior Elite Tennis programs are designed to help dedicated and hard working junior players reach their maximum potential. The major goals are to create a strong foundation of fundamentals, including technique, ball control, physical training, competitiveness, positive mindset, concentration, and winning character, in a positive environment where athletes learn how to focus on improvement and not on results. All JET programs consist of on–court instruction, match play, strategy and tactics, mental training, and fitness training.


Create a positive environment where athletes learn how to focus on improvement and not on results. Strive to improve on all areas of their game (technical, tactical, physical, and mental).

Talent Identification

We’re trained to look beyond the obvious and our goal is to understand the athletes, to understand their real potential as human beings and as athletes and systematically developing that potential over time through superlative coaching.

360º development

Junior elite tennis programs are designed to create a strong foundation of fundamentals, including technique, ball control, physical training, competitiveness, positive mindset, concentration and winning character.

Strive for Excellence

Create a positive environment where athletes learn how to focus on improvement and not on results. Strive to improve on all areas of their game (technical, tactical, physical, and mental).

The Sport of a Lifetime

We spend equal time developing the person and the athlete as we do the tennis player. We want players to be independent and able to use creative thinking to solve their own problems.

Every Player is Unique

We put the athlete first and develop an individual program and a team around them, encouraging positive parent involvement and communication between player, parents and coaches.

Sportsmanship and Competition

We create a competitive environment in practice to better prepare for competition, teaching how to perform at tournaments and how to manage relationships with others.

Our method employs a comprehensive training system that encompasses technical, strategic, physical and mental development.


Through the creation of individualized periodization plans, we aim to ensure that the athlete can perform at their maximum capabilities throughout the season, and to create the foundations for further improvement and results. These goal-oriented plans follow a contemporary scientific design and include all major components of high-performance sports practice.


The basis of the program’s success is putting into practice, through appropriate exercises and drills, a style of tennis based on racquet acceleration, footwork, balance, and strategic options. This method allows players to learn how to automatize strokes and movements, how to develop a solid and organized style of play and how to successfully manage their emotions and relationships.


We use different methods of performance analysis to generate reports that help to adjust planning and to improve coaches’ and athletes’ performances.
After data analysis and interpretation, players and coaches are involved in the process of re-evaluation of goals and redesign of planning strategies, focusing on improving the technical, tactical, physical and mental components.


8-10 Years

Athletes are ready to develop more dynamic movement, and drills and exercises are more challenging. Players should become consistent, have an excellent technique and know how to place the ball successfully in all areas of the court. They learn how to play points with a purpose, incorporating tactics and strategies and are introduced to competition.


10-14 Years

Players are trained mainly on the tactical, physical and mental aspects of competition, learning how to play in offensive and defensive situations, improve decision-making skills, and find solutions on their own. Players should play at least two tournaments per month, and this program will prepare them to regularly play ITF, L1, L2 tournaments.


14-18 Years

Players develop patterns of play that allow them to compete with the tools they possess and learn how to compensate for weaknesses and avoid vulnerable areas. On the mental side, the focus is on how to control adversity and deal with pressure situations. Players should play at least two tournaments per month, and they should regularly play ITF, L1, L2 tournaments

Adult Tennis (18+)

Adult group sessions are designed specifically for each level, and incorporate everything from technical instruction to singles and doubles match strategy as well as key elements such as footwork, movement, and recovery. Each lesson is focused on a different area of the game, such as the serve or forehand, and the program progresses from fed ball drills to live ball drills before transitioning into point play, allowing players to incorporate new skills and strategy into match-play situations. Players are grouped with those of similar skills, and a 4:1 Player to Pro ratio ensures everyone receives the ultimate in group instruction.



For adults with little or no previous tennis instruction. Begin your lifetime love of the game here at the J in a fun and encouraging environment. Players will be introduced to the basic strokes needed to play and to the rules of the game.


For players who can hold a rally from the baseline or live ball drills. In this level, participants will be introduced to more advanced techniques and shots as well as basic strategy and match play. Consistency of the groundstrokes and effective footwork are key components at this level.


Designed for the motivated adult who plays regularly and wants to improve their results. This development program will give you the skills needed to be more successful on the court and focus on the techniques needed to reach the next level.