Find Your Inner Hero with Artist, Hanoch Piven (for PJ Our Way age participants + families)

Find Your Inner Hero with Artist, Hanoch Piven (for PJ Our Way age participants + families) Sun, May 26 from 10-11:30am

Attention PJ Library + PJ Our Way Families! Join us on Sunday, May 26 from 10-11:30am for an unforgettable morning of hands-on creative exploration with renowned Israeli artist, Hanoch Piven! At this captivating event, young artists aged 8.5 to 12, along with their accompanying adults, will have the opportunity to learn about Hanoch’s distinctive artistic style and innovative process. Inspired by his book, “Dream Big, Laugh Often: And More Great Advice from the Bible,” participants will ignite their imaginations and be guided by Hanoch in crafting personalized self-portraits using an assortment of exciting collage materials (all materials will be provided, no prior art experience necessary). Don’t miss this chance to uncover your inner hero, learn from a world-class artist, and bring your big ideas to life! This event is proudly presented in collaboration with the Weintraub Israel Center, a partnership between the Tucson J + Jewish Philanthropies of Southern Arizona.

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This event is proudly presented in collaboration with the Weintraub Israel Center, a partnership between the Tucson J + Jewish Philanthropies of Southern Arizona.

J-Care Art Exhibition

J-Care Art Exhibition Sun, April 14 1-3pm

Join us for this year’s viewing of the J-Care Art Exhibition Sun, April 12 1-3pm in the Jewish Heritage Center. Experience the creativity and talent of K-5 students from the J-Care Afterschool Program, guided by veteran teacher Janet Hasson, who has an extensive career background in K-12 education and as an adjunct at the University of Arizona. This year, students in the J-Care Afterschool Program focused on developing lifelong skills that encouraged their artistic expression and the execution of their personal vision. They experimented with various mediums like painting, drawing, and collage while simultaneously exploring themes of kindness, community, and work ethic, these “life values” providing the foundation from which truly thought-provoking and dynamic works of art emerged. Come marvel at the impressive and imaginative creations crafted by these young artists, and don’t miss out on this celebration of creativity! We are extremely proud to show off the their efforts and hope you enjoy the show!

A list of the Artists showcased in 2023-2024 J-Care Art Exhibition:

Edison Adams-Garnica

Jad Alhasany

Max Allen

Riley Anderson

Sienna Anderson

Blake Anderson

Willow Avery

Abraham Balbastro

Joseph Balbastro

Hensley Bauer-Hiser

Owen Bebloise-M

Violet Bergman

Kamryn Bernhardt

Evan Bleier

Aria Bower

Emmett Brown

Ragnar Brunton

Brooklyn Buchler

Zev Buchler

Kaia Burgess

Izzy Bushman

Isaac Cajas

Penny Calton-Wilbur

Andrew Cantiga

Noah Carranza-Chahal

Mason Catanach

Sion Chung

Dominic Colavito

Oliva Conner

Adeline Culver

Stormy Davis

Emmett Debloise-M

Owen Debloise-M

Sylvianus Derbridge

Violet DuMont

Martha Edris

Simon Edris

Allie Enlow

Sorsha Ferra-McCall

Aloha Fraser

Jojo Frischenmeyer

River Fuls

Ella Garcia

Amrit Gibbons

Avi Gibbons

Isobel Grant

Cameron Griffin

Isona Gupta-Sans

Leo Haley-Brown

Kaylee Hammond

Eliza Hurand

Noah Hurand

Evelyn Jacobson

Eric Jacobson

Julian Jarrett

Andrew Karnes

Ian Kaulesa

Zayah Kautz

Astrid Huxter Keaar

David Kleybort

Tyler Krone

Ethan Krone

David Lanter-Hester

Hazel Latt

Nora Liebing

Alice Lin

Salvia Mais

Magnolia Mais

Major Manask

Paula Otero Martinez

Emma McClintock

Wern Melson

Max Menchik

Tamra Miranda

Edward Miranda

Carmela Monaco

Easton Monaco

Nayeli Moreno

Emilio Moreno

Savannah Myers

Henry Newman

Olivia Nintzel

Luke Nintzel

Kyrie Ntwari

Caleb Ntwari

Annili O’Hagin

Reuben Oakey-Frost

Laila Olvera

Ari Ottman

Adeline Owens

Dash Pedersen

Sam Pelczar

Eva Pisetsky

Olivia Polcyn

Grace Primeau

Helen Ritchie

Davy Ritchie

Frankie Rocha

Clark Romero

Mia Rosenbaum

Henry Ross

Evelyn Ross

Kyla Ross

Zev Rothschild

Ezra Rothschild

Harley Rowlett

Jeremiah Rowlett

Kiki Sah

Brandon Sanchez

Nora Sanchez

Phoenix Sanchez-Kraehe

Lidia Sanders

Alden Schlawin

Emily Schuler

Martin Schuler

Samuel Schutt

Adina Selco

Rena Selco

Selali Setsoafia

Maya Shaddock

Capella Shepherd

Theo Smith

Lillian Sullivan

Aurelie Sun

William Taylor

Jack Thompson

Aarav Timbadia

Theo Trushell

Thorin Van Beurden

Isobella Vargas

Eva Sofia Blanco Vietor

Daniel Waterkotte

Hayden Yoder

Ryan Zhu

Sam Thomas Hoop Group: Exclusive Youth Basketball Clinic

Come join one of our hometown heroes, Sam Thomas for a one-time youth basketball clinic before she heads off to chase her WNBA dreams in Phoenix with the Mercury! Our 3-hour clinic will consist of warm-ups, drill stations working on the fundamentals of basketball, a Q&A session, and some fun scrimmage games lead by none other than Sam Thomas herself! Everyone will receive a customized Sam Thomas Basketball Camp t-shirt! Every participant is allowed to bring one item for an autograph!