All lap lane reservations are 30 minutes long. You may make 2 back-to-back reservations.


Please note that our reservation system does not work in Safari. Our recommended browser is Chrome. If you are on Apple device and experiencing issues, go to Settings > Safari > turn off “prevent cross-site tracking”

To reserve a workout slot, scroll to your desired time and click “sign up.” You will be prompted to login to GroupExPRO.

If it is your first time making a reservation, click “sign up” on the time you would like to reserve, below. Then, click “Create a Login”. After your login has been created, you will be able to tab-over to login and reserve your spot. Please note that this login is NOT the same as the one that you use for program registration at the J, as GroupExPRO is a separate system for reservations only. Once you create your login, you will be able to use it to sign up for workouts 3 days in advance.

Please email for assistance.

Thanks, and see you soon!

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