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Holocaust Memorial​

This striking Holocaust memorial features a large concrete tablet, its shape reminiscent of the tablet that once contained the Ten Commandments. We find no commandments carved here, however; instead we read names. Names of death camps, names of concentration camps, names of ghettos…150 names of places where atrocities occurred. The tablet appears to have fallen from the wall above, offering a silent but powerful reminder of the unfathomable scale of death and destruction that was the Holocaust.

A tall concrete column rises from the reflecting pool, a symbol of an advanced civilization. Yet it is shattered at its peak, as was Jewish society throughout Europe. Water weeps from a crack in the side and runs down into the pool. A life-giving force, water rejuvenates and sustains us, and this water flows outward to support Hebrew letters that spell, “There is hope for thy future.”

As these concrete letters appear to float without effort upon the surface of the water, we are reminded that despite the evil of the Nazis, some life and much spirit did survive, and hope remains strong. A memorial flame emerges from the quotation as if to punctuate this thought.

The large, bas-relief concrete wall displays abstract images of train tracks, gears of industry, the Star of David, a menorah, and the Hebrew words zachor (remember) and Y’srael.

This memorial by renowned stained glass artist Ami Shamir, is unique in its approach to Holocaust remembrance, touches the hearts and memories of all who see it. This will forever be one place on Earth where those who perished will be remembered.