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Holiday Guide

Shavuot Holiday Guide

Shavuot begins at sundown on Sunday, May 16 and ends at sundown on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.


Shavuot (weeks in Hebrew) is the feast of weeks and is celebrated for seven weeks after Passover. Although the holiday began as one of the three harvest festivals (Sukkot and Passover), Shavuot is often associated with the receiving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. It is also customary to stay up all night studying Jewish text (commonly the Book of Ruth) and “wait for the Torah” while eating lots and lots of dairy (if you’re from Ashkenazi descent) or meat (if you’re from Sephardi descent). From

Shavuot Resources

For a video about Shavuot and the Ten Commandments visit:

For information about Shavuot and to register to participate in a study session in preparation for the holiday, visit:

For family-friendly activities, music, books, and more, visit:


For an animated video about Ruth, visit


 JewBelong shares a beautiful custom of talking about Ruth’s mix at the Passover Seder table. The reading is beautiful to integrate to other special gatherings as well, and in honor of Ruth we invite you to read about the custom here:

Here are some great resources on what to cook this Shavuot:

May I Have That Recipe

Shavuot Recipes from Jamie Geller

Vegan Recipes for Shavuot from the Union for Reform Judaism

Music Playlists on Spotify

Chag Sameach
Happy Holiday!

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