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Weintraub Israel Center

Israel Engagement

The JCC is home to the Weintraub Israel Center, a joint project with the Jewish Philanthropies of Southern Arizona that is dedicated to bringing a little piece of Israel to Tucson. From cultural programs to community conversations, the Weintraub Israel Center is Tucson’s resource for all things Israeli. The mission of the Weintraub Israel Center is to engage the Jewish and broader communities of Southern Arizona in building a living bridge to Israel, its people, culture and history. The Weintraub Israel Center invites community members of all ages and stages to create and nurture a self-propelled, personal relationship with Israel and Israelis.

Events + Programs

Seeing the Invisible at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Now-August 31

Seeing the Invisible will place the same group of artworks across analogous locations in twelve outdoor settings situated in different biomes all around the world, creating parallels and contrasts between them. The first exhibition of its kind, Seeing the Invisible was initiated by the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens and Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

This event is sponsored in part by the Weintraub Israel Center

Z3 2021: Futures Workshop | Reimagining Israel-Diaspora Relations
Sunday, December 5 9:30am-3:30pm

Prepare for the unexpected at this year’s Z3 Conference with a visionary futures workshop! Inspired by the tools of geopolitics and diplomacy, at the heart of this hybrid virtual conference is a structured simulation. This interactive simulation will ask our speakers and participants to take part in a plausible futuristic scenario that will impact the relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jewry.

Through this experiment, we will explore potential ways for our communities to come together and ensure our continued sense of Peoplehood and mutuality.

Z3 is a signature experience of the Oshman Family JCC (OFJCC) in Palo Alto. The event takes place every year during Hanukkah — “Making Miracles Here and There” or “נס גדול היה פה ושם” is a wordplay on the two letters that differentiate Israel and the Diaspora’s dreidels. The miracle happened “here”/“פה” to represent Israel’s dreidel, the miracle happened “there”/“שם”, to represent the Diaspora’s dreidel. Rather than continue to have two different dreidels, we envision a future with one dreidel: where we acknowledge and elevate the idea that both the State of Israel and a vibrant Jewish world are essential for the destiny of the Jewish People.

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