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Fitness Reservations

All lap lane reservations are 30 minutes long. You may reserve 1 hour maximum.

How to Make a Reservation:

Please note that our reservation system does not work in Safari without updating your settings. Our recommended browser is Chrome. If you are on Apple device and experiencing issues, go to Settings > Safari > turn off “prevent cross-site tracking”

To reserve a reservation slot, scroll to your desired time and click “sign up.” You will be prompted to login to GroupExPRO.

If it is your first time making a reservation, click “sign up” on the time you would like to reserve, below. Then, click “Create a Login”. After your login has been created, you will be able to tab-over to login and reserve your spot. Please note that this login is NOT the same as the one that you use for program registration at the J, as GroupExPRO is a separate system for reservations only. Once you create your login, you will be able to use it to sign up for reservations 5 days in advance.

Please note the following Lap Swim rules for usage:

— Lap Swim is restricted to active members only at this time.
— Lap Swim is a maximum of two half hour reservations per person per day.
— We allow members from the same household to share a lane, we do need to have a full and accurate account of all individuals in and around the pool at all times (we will still adhere to the limits of individuals set in the Governor’s Order) (in order to make this type of reservation please call, 520.299.3000)
— All reservations MUST be made under each individual’s names with an email address attached.
— We ask that all swimmers come and leave in their swim attire. There are rest rooms available for changing. We do not allow changing on the pool deck or other areas of the JCC campus.
— Rinse showers are provided on the pool deck for a rinse prior to and after your swim. Wash showers are currently unavailable.

Please email for assistance.

Thanks, and see you soon!

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