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Take Your Workout to the Pool

Pool Workouts at the J

GlideFit Stability Training

We love taking advantage of Tucson’s great weather—and what a better way to do it than with a pool workout? We are thrilled to partner with GlideFit, who has been spearheading the floating fitness mat revolution with not only a high quality board, but comprehensive programming. So join us in the pool for this fun low impact, high intensity workout!

Using a unique floating fitness mat (FitFloat), you get all the benefits of core stabilization and the challenge of instability. Glide FIT offers high intensity interval training while challenging your balance and core strength. Try Glide FIT and take your workout to the next level of challenge and fun!

Seasonal class offered March-November

Cross H20 Aquatics-Based Cross Training

CrossH20 is a pool-based cross training workout for athletes of all disciplines! This unique workout will help you take your performance abilities to the next level.

Cross H20 focuses on building
  • Strength 
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Speed

Move between land and water in this full-body cross training workout that uses dumbbells, kettlebells, and swimming exercises. Athletes must be comfortable in the water and able to swim 25 yards without a break.

Gain an elevated level of self-confidence after conquering physical and psychological challenges. 

Drop-in and package rates available.

Aqua Fit

Water aerobics exercises focus on cardiovascular and strength benefits. Participants may use buoyant water weights and noodles. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels because of the low-impact format.

What is GlideFit?

Watch this video to see how GlideFIT has started a new category of floating fitness.

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