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Healthy Aging Programs

The Tucson J recognizes that elder adults comprise over 20% of the population in Tucson and adjacent communities. With one in five persons being over 65 years of age it is essential that health and wellness centers dedicate and focus on the needs of this population. To accomplish this, we are rolling out a variety of new programs to support healthy aging. 

Mind + Body Elder Care Program

Our new Mind + Body Elder Care Program was designed for aging adults seeking to sharpen their memory skills, continue to challenge their cognitive abilities, and maintain their physical strength and endurance. The program is particularly beneficial to adults with dementia and/or memory loss.

Half and full programs are offered, as well as the option to choose Mind or Body Care only. Participants will be paired with volunteer partners to assist and guide the person through the activities. 

Individual needs and interests based on the required assessment will guide the selection of the activities.

BEST Program for Osteoporosis

The BEST program, designed by Scientists at the University of Arizona, is the gold standard for improving bone health in women with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, as well as men experiencing bone loss. Learn to lift weights safely and build stronger, healthier bones and muscles.