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Shooting Life

Sderot was established in 1951 as an immigrant transit camp, then became a development town in 1954. Early settlers included immigrants from Iran, Kurdistan, Morocco, Romania, and, during the 1990’s, immigrants from the former USSR and Ethiopia. Sderot was declared a city in 1996. It is less than a mile from the Gaza strip. 

Beginning in the 2000’s with the second Intifada, barrages of Kassam rockets frequently rained on the city, killing residents and causing extensive damage to property. Even after the fading of the Intifada, Sderot continued to be bombard by Kassam rockets. After the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, the rocket attacks increased. Sderot has continued b to be a target for Kasam and other types of rockets from Gaza between 2000 and 2020. In 2007, part of the city’s population was evacuated due to intense rocket attacks. 

A study conducted in 2007 found that 75% of residents aged 4-18 were suffering from PTSD. Even though it is now protected by the Iron Dome, rockets continue to land in the city and cause harm to people and property. This year (2021) has seen an increase in rocket attacks. In May 2021, the city was bombarded with 100’s of rockets. One of these hit a residential building, killing a 6-year-old boy.