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Taglit Greeting Cards

The Taglit greeting card project was started as a creative activity that every participant in the Taglit Day Program could contribute to, regardless of his or her abilities. Participants tear pieces of wrapping paper, gather and place the papers into a box, sort the papers into colors and themes, and glue the papers onto blank white cards.  The participants then count the cards, place them into groups of five, and package them.

This project provides a way for participants to practice fine and gross motor skills, job skills, sorting and counting, and personal creativity. Most importantly, the card project provides our participants with a sense of accomplishment and serves as a means of community involvement.

Cards are available for purchase at the J Welcome Desk in packages of five at a cost $5 per package. Taglit greeting cards are available with holiday themes (Christmas and Hanukkah), designs for special occasions (such as birthdays and Valentine’s Day), and non-specified designs, such as the one shown above.

For bulk orders, please call us. Thank you for your support!

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