According to the teaching of the Kabbalah, Holy Sparks refer to the light in all Creation. The light is scattered throughout the universe. We see our children in this light, and it is our job to bring these Sparks back together, so their light will shine more brightly than ever.

Sparks Cheer at the JCC

Spark Cheer

Launched in December of 2017, Sparks Cheer is an “All Ages, All Abilities, All-Inclusive” adaptive athletic program designed for individuals with and without disabilities. Participants learn to tumble, dance, and stunt in addition to building their confidence, self-esteem, and social skills. Make friends, perform in public, and have fun with us! Winner of the 2019 Kol Ha Kavod JCC Association Program Excellence Award for Inclusion.

Central Spark

Central Spark is an all-inclusive social club for individuals with and without disabilities. We will get together virtually on Sundays to hang out, play games, and visit with friends. There is no charge to attend, however donations are accepted. Advance registration is appreciated.