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Inclusive Social & Athletic Programs

According to the teaching of the Kabbalah, Holy Sparks refer to the light in all Creation. The light is scattered throughout the universe. We see our children in this light, and it is our job to bring these Sparks back together, so their light will shine more brightly than ever.

Check back here for upcoming events!

ACEing Autism: Tennis Program for Kids with Autism

ACEing Autism is on a mission for children with autism to grow, develop and benefit from social connections and fitness through affordable tennis programming, uniquely serving individual needs while filling a national void for this growing and worthy population. We are thrilled to be working with ACEing Autism to bring this program to Tucson! Click here for more information.

Central Sparks

Central Sparks is a social club for adults with disabilities. We get together virtually throughout the month to hang out and stimulate peer interaction. There is no charge to attend, however donations are accepted. Advance registration is appreciated. Email Haylee Davis, Inclusion Coordinator at the J, to inquire about the program.