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Pool Reservations

For group fitness classes, please see the Group Fitness Schedule.

Lap lane reservations are required in order to guarantee that a lane will be available for you when you arrive. If you are sharing a lane, we ask that you enter from opposite ends of the pool. You may make up to 2 reservations per day. Please call (520) 299.3000 if you will not be able to make your reservation.

Swim Policies: We ask that all swimmers arrive in their swim attire. There are limited restrooms for changing. We do not allow changing on the pool deck or other areas of the JCC campus. Rinse showers are provided on the pool deck for before/after your swim. No soap (including shampoo and conditioner) is allowed in the shower.

Deck chairs: Chairs by the pool are available throughout the day, no reservation necessary.

Adult locker rooms are for use by fully-vaccinated members age 18+. We will not be checking vaccination cards, however, we do ask that all members use yosher (honesty) and kavod (respect) while using our facilities. Youth locker rooms are open to kids ages 18 and under who can use the space independently; adult supervision is allowed, but we ask that adults refrain from changing in the youth locker rooms. If your child needs assistance or you wish to use the locker rooms together, please use the Inclusive Restrooms. Children under 18 are not permitted to use the adult locker rooms even with supervision. Lockers are for daily use only unless locker rental is set up. A limited number of locker rentals will be available at a rate of $25/month. To reserve, please contact Christina Pugh, Assistant Director of Member Relations at Locks can be purchased at the Wellness desk for $6 each. Children may use the showers inside the Inclusive Restrooms; those under age 11 require adult supervision.   If you will be using the shower in the inclusive restrooms, we ask that you limit your time to no more than 15 minutes, especially during high traffic times (3-7pm) or when you notice others waiting in the hallway.

Building/Fitness Center Hours

Monday-Thursday: 5am – 8:30pm 

Friday: 5am – 6pm

Saturday + Sunday: 7am – 6pm