Preschool Learning

For children two years and up, our program is a play-based, emergent curriculum and supports the Arizona Early Learning Standards. Our preschool day is focused on children’s interests and learning needs: encourages individual, small, and large group activities, indoor and outdoor play, free choice time, and learning centers. We encourage lifelong learning with incorporating universal values and successful education programs such as Sheva and discoverCATCH.

Our Outstanding Faculty

Our Early Childhood Education faculty at the Tucson J make us amazing! They value continued education and crave advancements in professional development.  Through their passion for education, our faculty utilize best practice in early childhood and have the necessary resources to care for our children and provide them developmentally appropriate opportunities to learn and grow.  Our specialized emergent curriculum is research-based and developed as the teachers get to know and learn what the children bring to the classroom.  The curriculum is collaborative, purposeful and planned and the children are recognized as agents of their own learning.

Planning with the Children’s Interests in Mind

Each classroom posts their lesson plans for the week based on appropriate themes. Once a month, the children determine the learning theme through our Emergent Curriculum. Each teacher observes their students to find a topic of keen interest to most students and the children help to plan supportive experiences. You will see documentation of some of the Emergent units that our classes have explored posted in hallways and classrooms. Activities are modified as appropriate for the different age groups (Twos, Threes, and Pre-K) and are designed to accommodate children’s individual unique abilities.

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Tucson Jewish Community Center
Tucson Jewish Community Center
If you are out in our Sculpture Garden make sure to look up! We have had some beautiful Hawks nesting in our trees. Great for photos & bird watchers. 📸🔭🕊

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Tucson Jewish Community Center
Tucson Jewish Community Center
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