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Second Sundays

Monthly Fine Art + Sculpture Event

Join us for FREE Second Sunday art events each month to celebrate revolving exhibits in the Fine Art Gallery, Sculpture Garden exhibits, and all the art & culture around our facility. 

Sunday, May 8 from 10 - 11:30 AM

Second Sunday in March will feature artists talks, live music, and the Fine Art Gallery exhibit opening of “American Citizen Portraits Series” by Ken Tesoriere (on display through May 11). 

You can also stop in, get inspired, and stay for Open Studio 11am-3pm where you can create your own masterpiece in our art studio space. Some supplies are available, but feel free to bring your own, too! 

“American Citizen Portrait Series” by Ken Tesoriere began in 2016 as an artistic engagement to counter distortions that political factions were, and still are, disseminating about the genuine intentions and integrity of the majority of immigrants applying for entry at America’s Borders.

Tesoriere believes that we should forge bonds to establish common ground and communal connections with others, not become more insular by demonizing others and putting up barriers. 

In more than 20 years spent living in Tucson, the artist says he has never, “witnessed immigrants who arrived to integrate into our society being randomly violent, or irrationally drug-crazed, as the continual false political narratives portray them,” instead, most often, they are, “dignified, hard-working, and family-oriented people like most Americans, who, except for Native Americans, have all arrived here as immigrants at some point.”

The portraits in the series, which convey both the appearance and the feel of the lives being represented, portray how different cultures bring their unique customs – in foods, clothing, cultural and religious beliefs – to enrich the lives of the communities they enter.

Through the use of a light source focused intentionally on a painted subject, Tesoriere’s portraits engage with facial features particular to individuals, bringing out their unique essential physical characteristics, and allowing viewers to more easily perceive the subject’s underlying personalities. 

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