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Annual Report

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Annual Meeting! We are proud to present our 2021 Annual Report to you at the link below.

Email Chrystal McConnell with questions.


Beth Stern Awards for Employee of the Year: Vero Trujillo and Joline Riddle

ECE Professional Excellence Award for a Lead Teacher: Jessica McKinney and Andrea Fischer

Volunteer of the Year: Raymonde Zlotnikoff

Board of Directors

Chair: Jordan Emerson
Vice Chairs: Cristie Street, Mike Ash
Secretary: Lea Standridge
Treasurer: Caron Mitchell
Immediate Past Chair: Sarah Singer

Ilana Addis | Joy Feldman* | Zach Fenton | Marc Fleischman | Marc Herman | Naomi Holtzman | Tracy Jeck | Danielle Kaplan* |
Tamar Kugler | Gianna Lampert | Kristi Lewis | Elise Lopez | Lynda Rogoff | Ryan Rudner* | Eric Smith | Abby Stadheim* |
Joyce Stuehringer | Cindy Tank | Tom Warne | Neil Weinstein | Claire West | Steve Wool 

*incoming board members