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Amplifying Voices

The Amplifying Voices series was designed to create space for Jews of Color to share their own unique experiences at the intersection of their diverse identities, and encourage participants to unpack their own prejudices in hopes of constructing solutions for bringing about a more just world.  The Amplifying Voices series is a celebration of the diversity within our Tucson and global communities and an exploration of what unites us, where there is room for learning, and how we can move forward in shared understanding and solidarity. All Amplifying Voices events are put on in partnership with the Palo Alto JCC. 

Past Amplifying Voices Events

True Colors: Experiences of Jews of Colors presented by The Braid with discussion led by Joshua Silverstein

Thursday, Oct 21 from 7:30-8:30pm

Join us for a unique online experience celebrating Jews of Color. From the hit show True Colors, hear a short excerpt of revealing and inspiring stories from Jews of Color that explore identity, community and being a Jew in modern times. The recorded performance will be followed by a live discussion led by Joshua Silverstein, DEI consultant, award-winning actor, comic, writer, beatboxer, educator and an Abby Freeman Artist-in-Residence with The Braid. His various performances and productions throughout the country have received admiration from creative geniuses ranging from Norman Lear to Prince.

True Colors, a salon theatre show, tells disparate and riveting stories about Jews of Color. While all people face challenges and struggles, Jews of Color have many touching and unique stories to tell about resilience, self-respect and celebrating the many colors and voices in our community.

In partnership with the Palo Alto JCC

Blewish: A Short Film + Discussion with Film Maker Ezra Edmond

Thursday, Dec 2 from 7:30-8:15pm

Ezra Edmond is a writer, producer and animation producer. In his recent creative project, Blewish, he tells the story of growing up with Black and Jewish identities.

During our 45 minutes together, we will view Ezra’s short Blewish, be in a moderated Q+A with Ezra and close with a communal Hanukkah candle lighting. Participants are invited to have their menorah and 6 candles (one for each of the 5 nights and a shamash) to join in the lighting. A recording will be sent to all registered participants, however, we will not be able to send out the short with the recording.

In partnership with the Palo Alto JCC.

Arielle Korman: Power of Song

Thursday, Feb 3 from 7:30-8:15pm

Arielle Korman is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Ammud: the Jews of Color Torah Academy, and also a Jewish songwriter. In her exploration of Judaism as a mixed-race Filipina Jew, Arielle has encountered texts that don’t sit well, texts that seem incompatible with her own multiplicity. One way she processes these texts is by writing music, sometimes incorporating a complicated text.

Join Arielle in her journey online via Zoom through some of these texts and the melodies she has written to better understand her own Jewishness.

In partnership with the Palo Alto JCC.